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Novena for Grace and Solidarity

Today, we see throughout parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia the brutal persecution, torture and killing of Christians.

This month, the Knights of Columbus is urging its members and other people of faith to pray a Novena of Grace and Solidarity for Christians suffering persecution. The novena is based on a prayer in honor of St. Francis Xavier by Italian Father Marcello Mastrilli, a missionary to Japan who was martyred for the faith.

Please join in praying this Novena of Grace and Solidarity, beginning on Sunday, March 12, and concluding on Monday, March 20. The novena may also be prayed any time throughout the year.

The novena prayer can be found here.

For more information on the persecution of Christians and details on how you can help relieve some of their suffering, click here.

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Farewell from The Becket Fund’s Kristina Arriaga

A Message from Becket’s Executive Director
February 28, 2017
Dear Friends,

It might come as a surprise to you that I am leaving Becket.

In the earliest days, over 20 years ago, I never could have imagined the impact our work would have today. More than that, I never could have imagined that I would make some of the most important friendships of my life through our work. I could not have predicted the soul-deep inspiration I’ve gotten from the Little Sisters of the Poor, or the example of courage I humbly look to in Barbara Green, or the profound sense of spiritual purpose I’ve witnessed in Pastor Robert Soto.

For these experiences and all the rest, I am grateful beyond words.

So why am I leaving? The answer, like most, is complex. Mainly, I need to step back from Becket to focus on my family. My children are my biggest source of joy. Those of you with your own children will understand when I say that they are also my biggest source of anxiety. There is nothing that makes a parent’s heart beat faster than concern for their child’s health or well-being. I have been enormously fortunate. My children are healthy, happy, and thoughtful. But the truth is, they still need their mother.

While I am sad to leave Becket and its fine people, I have no regrets. I am looking forward to giving more of myself at home. I am eager to continue to work for religious freedom in my position as Commissioner at the US Commission on Religious Freedom (USCIRF.) I remain Becket’s biggest advocate, and I hope that my role on USCIRF will only make my advocacy more persuasive. Those at Becket know I will continue to be available for any help or advice I can give.

In between taking care of my family and USCIRF (I kicked off the year with a trip to Egypt and just got back from Saudi Arabia) I am working on a book. There is something valuable about stepping back and looking at what made you and what you are making in turn. The lessons I have learned about human courage and freedom are worth passing on, and I hope to do them justice.

I can’t think of any better inspiration to continue fighting the good fight than my father, who fought it all his life. I think I told you once about the homemade signs he kept on his bathroom mirror. They read: “Keep Moving,” “Optimism,” and “God is watching.” I am taking these messages to heart.

It has been one of my life’s greatest privileges to work at Becket. It has been a privilege to know and defend courageous Americans who stand up for religious liberty. It has been a privilege to count on your support.